Saturday, December 6, 2008

We have had no internet since November 14th, so I've been depending on my cell phone to post to the blog, but now even that may not work after this week.  If you don't see anything for a few days, we are okay, just unable to get to the internet.  We can do it by driving to Musoma (about an hour north of here and $30 worth of diesel, but we will do it at least once a week until we get our internet back.  If you are really worried about us, give us a call.
What a fantastic learning event we had here Wednesday through today (Saturday).   We had twelve people here and only one had had any training before.  I taught English and evangelism and leadership, and Bishop Monto taught stewardship, discipleship, and helped me with the English--since I couldn't teach more than three hours a day.  The laughter, the fellowship, the getting to know one another, and the building of a real community of church leaders was exciting to watch and participate.  We will be doing this again next week for two other circuits and the following week for people who want to become evangelists and for pastors from other churches who want to become Methodists.  We couldn't have done this without financial help from our friends in the U.S., so thank you, thank you, thank you.
We are having an architect draw up plans for the educational facility now that Omari is here, and he and Karen have walked around and figured out where they want to put it.  We will have to relocate the power pole, but that's not a big problem.  Right now would be a good time since the power has been out all day, but you never know when it's coming back.   Karen, John, and I are all feeling good and fired up as construction, training sessions, and a new school term are all starting at the same time.  It is never boring here.
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