Monday, December 1, 2008

We have finished thatching all the buildings but Martha's Place and that is underway even as I write this--should be finished in another couple of weeks.  Tomorrow, Omari is coming from Arusha to begin work on the educational facility, so that's exciting.  This being a bishop is a bit of a drag, having to move diagonally everywhere (that's a chess joke).  I didn't mention it in Saturday's blog, but the new conference secretary is Rev. Silas Daudi (pastor of the Bunda Circuit) and the treasurer is Rev. Dani Kitundi from Musoma.   Karen's school starts next week and the first of three training sessions for pastors and evangelists begins on Wednesday of this week.  I don't feel up to it yet, but maybe in a couple more days I can at least put in a two or three hours a day since Bishop Monto is also teaching.  
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