Thursday, December 18, 2008

A little story:  I've made a slide show that you can get to by clicking on the picture of the guest cottage at left.  In front of the cottage, you will notice paths edged by bricks and made of small, gray gravel.  Using methods that have been around since the stone age, local women quarry rocks and make them into the small gravel that we use all over our mission station.  John has become friends with the women who like him and charge him about half of what I used to pay for the same amount of gravel.  This morning (they only work in the early morning because of the heat), John rode his pikipiki (motorbike) up there and took pictures of the workers and the quarry that I have included in the slideshow.  The last picture is of a long line of army ants John saw near the quarry.  No idea where they have been or where they are going, but it is a good idea to stay out of their way.  For those who have been here, the road to the quarry is off the paved road to Musoma just before you get to the road to the Teachers College.  
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