Friday, December 12, 2008

A good day today.  Karen's school went well and as you can see by the pictures at left, the foundation is underway for the education facility.  You may notice that the power pole is in the way which requires a lot of hassle with the power company, but money conquers all obstacles even if it takes a week or two.  I was able to teach for five hours today and have included a picture of the training session.  The last group's only complaint was that the sessions didn't last two weeks.  It's like teaching sponges, they soak up every word because we are giving them the tools to do their jobs well.  They are very happy, as are we.  It is hot here today--we are in the middle of summer, but it is not too bad if you are in the shade.  It seems strange listening to Christmas music in this heat, but this is Africa, after all.
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