Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We now have a new shower that works wonderfully for our house, and the plumbing has been fixed in both Dubu's Place and Jeremy's Place to be ready to host all the Methodist pastors coming this week-end.  We are also putting new locks on all the doors, guest cottages and our house.  Shaban will be delivering mosquito nets to the Coptic Christian hospital tomorrow.  Karen is getting ready to start a new school term in a week or so.  I only have one more day of treatment and then the healing will begin.  Still have to stay in for another week or so, but will be ready for the first of three weeks of training starting December 4th.  Rev. Monto and I will be teaching together.  It is my guess that he will be the first Methodist Bishop of Tanzania, but we will have to wait till Saturday to find out for sure.  We're having chicken for Thanksgiving and looking forward to it.  No other Americans around to celebrate with, but we are carrying on the tradition anyway.
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