Saturday, November 8, 2008

We had quite a day today.  A one hour drive to the bank to get our left over American money deposited in our account (that took two hours), a trip to refill our propane tank (that only took 45 minutes), a good time with the missionaries from the area at our pot-luck and Bible study.  We had 5 from England, 5 from Australia, and 8 from the U.S.A (five are Bible translators, the other 3 are us).  There was a time a couple of years ago that we had Norwegian, German, Dutch, Faroe Islanders, and Swedes, but these have all returned to their home countries and not been replaced.  The Germans are still here but are about 7 hours away by car.  We do miss the non-English speaking missionaries because they always added a different perspective.  It was a little rainy but not like yesterday.  Finally back home around 5 after leaving at 8 this morning.  We are still a little jet-lagged so will have an early night.  Still no pictures, but they'll be coming shortly.
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