Saturday, November 15, 2008

Today is the second day of my facial acid treatments (two a day) but only twelve days to go.  John thinks I will end up looking like the Joker on Batman--who knows?  We've finished repairing the damage from the storm and Shaban has finished fixing the plumbing at Dubu's Place with the supplies David Poulter provided.  We still have more plumbing problems to deal with, but just one day at a time.  If you want to see pictures of the Coptic Christian Hospital in Musoma where we hope the medical team will work for a couple of days you can go to   to see the pictures we took on Thursday.  Mr. Patrobo came by today to finish paying for his water filter (we paid half--he paid the rest in installments), and Shaban will take it to his house on Monday.  Karen has met with her teacher assistant and aide and will start another term next month.  Hopefully, the rains will have quit by then.  The power has been off and on, so, naturally, the generator was broken.  Shaban fixed it today and it has a full tank of gas, so the power will stay on, I'm sure.  Our internet has been down more than up since we've been back, but we can still send and receive email via our cell phones.  Pretty cool, huh?  We will be having church here in our house tomorrow as I can't go outside just yet.  The Mugango church wanted us to go there so we could see the damage the storm did to their church, but that will just have to wait.  If we can get the walls back up, I can help with cement and steel bars to hold the walls in place till we get the roof.  The weather is wonderful when the monsoon rains are holding off and we wish you all could be here with us.  Have a holy sabbath day.
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