Friday, November 14, 2008

Today is my 64th birthday.  Prince Charles of England is 60 today.  I don't know how he celebrated, but I started a two-week cancer treatment on my face that burns off the upper two layers of skin.  I will look like a cherry tomato and hurt, but what are birthdays for at my age if you don't suffer a little.  Rev. Monto came for a meeting regarding the election of a bishop for Tanzania (Nov. 29th) and three training sessions in December.  Two for pastors and evangelists (lay pastors) and one for evangelists in training.  Then Mr. Masele came and the three of us talked of the future of the church and future sessions for teaching English to the pastors and evangelists.  Then Evangelist Festo of Karikakari came to get some Bibles and work gloves for putting in the floor at his church.  We also sent Bibles with Rev. Monto for a new church in Tarime.  Then we ordered more Bibles and paid for them with our diesel money--God will provide--Bibles are more important than diesel.  By this time, Bwana Patrobo showed up (he's over 80 years old) to talk about tree planting for when Martha's family comes.  While all this was going on, Shaban was working on the plumbing in Dubu's Place and Amos and a helper were repairing all the thatching that was destroyed by a very bad storm last night (we lost a new tree, too).   I am posting this tonight by candlelight with my battery powered laptop and my cell phone.  Life is still wonderful, though.   
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