Friday, November 28, 2008

To the left is a picture of what I look like after two weeks of chemotherapy on my face.  To say that it is painful is to understate the obvious.  I ran out of pain pills two days before the end of the therapy, so now it is prayer and gritted teeth most of the time.  I have no idea how long it will take to heal, so please remember me in your prayers.
The clergy meetings start today with six pastors staying here at Maisha Na Maji, and with us paying for the food and lodging of the twenty-five or so evangelists.  Tomorrow is the election of the new bishop who will then be formally inducted in January.  Tomorrow, they will also elect a chairman of the new conference, secretary, treasury, and maybe one or two other offices.  We will start our training sessions next week with a new excitement about the future of the church here.  Rev. Monto told me today that several pastors from other denominations wanted to become Methodist pastors and asked if I would teach them what it means to be a Methodist and then recommend those who I think would make good Methodist pastors.  Jerry is not the only one who brings me new projects.
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