Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is a day late because of power, internet, and cell phone outage.  This is Tuesday night, but this is Monday's blog.  Before I began this acid-facial treatment, the doctor warned me about the African sun using the analogy of "pouring gasoline on a fire".  Boy, was he right.  I had to check on the generator yesterday (Sunday), wore a broad-brimmed hat, and was only in the sun for less than fifteen minutes.  The result was a face full of blisters and intense pain for 24 hours.  Pay attention to warnings from doctors--they are usually right.  Had two more filters picked up today by Father Chokka from Tarime and are still working on the plumbing here in the house.  The good news is that Paul is back--thinner and weaker, but smiling and happy to have this last bout of malaria behind him.  We all prayed for him almost non-stop, and he says he felt those prayers.  I don't doubt him.  While I will still be under the weather, this week-end we will host the pastors and evangelists from all over as we elect our first Bishop of Tanzania on Saturday.  The pastors (six of them) will sleep and eat here and we will pay for lodging and food for the evangelists (about twenty of them).  It is a significant moment in the life of the Methodist Church in Tanzania.
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