Thursday, November 6, 2008

Spent the day with John showing us all the many changes he made to the grounds and the operation of Maisha Na Maji.  We were overwhelmed.  Some of the things he changed were changes we had just wished for and never got done.  We came back to a much better place than we had left and that's something.  We'll take pictures tomorrow and post them so you can share our excitement.  Met with two pastors, the teachers for Karen's school, townspeople, Mr. Masele, who operates our chicken project for AIDS orphans, and others.  Lots of folks have been waiting for us to get back.  We also have our kitchen and dining room messed up while we are waiting to finish putting in new shelves.  The shelves are here, but the builder didn't show up.  Ah well, this is Tanzania after all.  We are still tired and jet lagged, but hope to have that over by tomorrow night.  Thanks to everyone who helped us on our trip--we love you all.
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