Sunday, November 9, 2008

Karen made it to church this morning, but John and I were kept up all night by a neighbor's wedding party with bands and singing that lasted from eight o'clock at night till nine the next morning.  John and I finally fell asleep around six and woke up at noon.  Lizbeth from the orphanage in Bweri called and we are all going there for lunch and a meeting next Thursday.  Her husband is back from Sweden, so she is happy, but she had to drive by herself to Nairobi to pick him up which is a ten hour drive over bad roads.  I forgot to mention that last Wednesday on our way home from Mwanza the cab we were in was going about seventy miles an hour (dangerous on those roads) when his hood blew up into the windshield, smashing it, covering us with glass and the driver couldn't see but got the car stopped.  We were all okay, got the hood back down and locked, and made it the rest of the way home looking through the few clear places in the windshield.  Thanks for sending the guardian angels to get us safely home.
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