Saturday, November 29, 2008

History was made today.  The Methodist Church in Tanzania is now an autonomous body, separate from the church in Kenya.  The first Bishop of Tanzania was elected today, the Reverend Charles Monto.  All of the other positions were also elected and the constitution and bylaws adopted.  Bishop Monto will be inducted in January at another historic occasion.  The only real surprise was the election of an Associate Bishop of the Methodist Church in Tanzania, the Rev. Charles Wiggins,  a retired ordained elder of the United Methodist Church and an Individual Volunteer Missionary of the General Board of Global Ministries.  No one was more surprised than I was, I couldn't even attend which was probably why I was elected.  They did come over to the house to congratulate me and take pictures.  My son, John, said he could photoshop the chemotherapy scars out of the picture, but I will post the ones he took today of the new Bishops, warts and all.  The church in Mugango needs $500 to repair the damage from the storms and I only have $250, but that should get them going.  Two more circuits want fifteen sewing machines, but they will get six.  I did tell them that every time they earned enough to buy another machine, I would match it.  It's so easy to promise money you don't have when you have come to believe fully in God's providence.  And, on a personal note, Happy Birthday, Bob Harlan.  May you have many more significant years ahead of you and thanks for all the happiness you have brought and bring to us.
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