Monday, November 10, 2008

Met with representatives of NGO about hosting AIDS seminars here.  Preliminary discussions only, will meet again next Monday.  Church meeting last Saturday set a date in December for electing a Bishop of Tanzania.  We will have a pastor and evangelist training session before that meeting.  Worked on repairs to inside of house and began work on a new walkway from Martha's Place (assembly hall) to Dubu's Place (guest cottage).  We need new shocks on the Nissan--they were already pretty worn and the last two trips through the Serengeti did them in.  Will try to get that done this week.  Found an old PC that we think we can fix up for Shaban to use.  If John can't do it, no one can.  Karen took Salome and Janeth's new mattress out to her boarding school this afternoon in the rain.  Thank God for four wheel drive.  Every road is now a mud bath.  Ah well, welcome to the season of the short rains.
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