Thursday, November 13, 2008

Big day today.  Spent a couple of hours at the bank in Musoma trying to and succeeding in straightening out some errors that were costing us money.  Then spent a couple of more hours at the Coptic Hospital talking about the upcoming medical mission.  They are very excited, even if they only get help for a couple of days.  They let us take pictures and John will post them on a web site which I will post on this blog once the power comes back.  Yes, I am doing this in the dark on my cell phone.  Lizbeth and Daniel, who run the AIDS orphanage in Bweri, had a wonderful birthday lunch for me a day early, but who's counting.  As usual, her cooking was superb.  The baby count is down to 14 because some of the older ones left and while Lizbeth was in Nairobi picking up Daniel, Mama Leah was just too tired to take on any new babies.  In fact, she was too tired to keep working, so she left but on friendly terms.  Lizbeth is working harder of course, but with Daniel there to help, she should be fine.  They are having a little trouble with finances for the next couple of months and we will help with what little we can.  They are such an inspiration to us.  Every visit leaves with us with renewed enthusiasm for our mission.  She sends her love to all who support her.
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