Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thursday was lunch with eight people all interested in what we're doing in Tanzania.  Some of the eight had been there and some had and continue to give support.  Thursday night was dinner with seven people, none of whom had been to Tanzania but some had supported our work and all were friends of ours we hadn't seen in some time.  We showed the powerpoint presentation even though some had to leave before it was over--I guess I can talk too much when it's about our mission.
Friday night was a big reunion with many, many of the people who had been to Tanzania over the last five years.  It was wonderful, happy, and sad.  Sad because we know that some of those people we will never see again because of their age and the number of years it will be before we are back in the States again.  Happy because so many got to see how much their support and help has meant.  Some who had only started one building or digging one well were able to see all that we've accomplished (with these people's support, of course) over the last few years.  Lots of hugs, lots of laughter, lots of tears.  That's what you get when bring together people of many denominations who have all been serving God in many little ways (some big ones) and show them how important they have been to God, to His mission, to each other, to their churches, and their families.
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