Monday, October 20, 2008

Sorry about the delay in posts, but we've been busy and are now in Minneapolis for a few days to visit with my son and daughter-in-law.
Saturday, we held a marathon One Book Foundation board meeting, and it was so good to see all the board members again.  We did the business stuff, ate, and visited.  We do now have the authorization to begin planning for a multi-purpose educational facility.  Saturday night, had a wonderful steak dinner with a fellow mission worker who has been in the Amazon and Tanzania with me.  Sunday, I preached at Winslow which was my very first church as a part-time lay pastor and saw several missioners who had been to Tanzania and plan to return.  Then to St. James UMC in Fayetteville where this whole Tanzania thing got started.  It was a wonderful and moving service.
Sunday afternoon and evening was devoted solely to my granddaughter for her first birthday party, and I'm sorry to say I may have gone a little overboard with her gifts, but we won't see her again for quite some time.  Early this morning (five am) we left for the airport and arrived in Minneapolis around 9:15 am.  We are now at my son's place relaxing.  More later.
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