Friday, October 3, 2008

Ran errands all day, including a trip to Tulsa after having to have a tire replaced on the rental car (they paid for it).  Had dinner with my son, Keith, his wife, Adriel, and my granddaughter, Laura.  She smiled at me the minute she saw me, so I have already ordered her Corvette.  Picked up Karen at the airport, with Laura in tow, and Karen held her all the way home.  Then she wouldn't leave her, so she spent the night at Keith's, and I had to come back and sleep alone, again.  Today, we go watch Keith teach his early morning physics class and then visit the lab where he works as a food scientist.  More errands today to do with taxes and voter registration.  Tomorrow looks clear, but who knows?  Then three more speaking engagements on Sunday: preaching at two services and a mission presentation after lunch.  I love being useful and hate being bored, but bored is looking pretty good right now.
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