Sunday, October 12, 2008

Karen's eye surgery went fine, although this was the first doctor or dentist that demanded payment.  Still, it was worth it.  We spent a wonderful day with my brother, Joe, and his wife and Keith, Adriel, and my granddaughter.  Saturday we rested in the morning, then went to Gravette to meet old friends from my first full-time pastorate followed by a reunion meal for those of us who went on a cruise together back in the 90's.  It was a grand time.  I got to meet the beautiful young girl who I prayed over as a baby when she was dying nine or ten years ago.  Obviously, she didn't die, and she did thank me for directing God's healing power to her.  That was unusual to say the least.  One of those things that you do at the time without thinking and forget about immediately.  Still it was and is an honor to serve a God that can do such wonders, whether it is through a laser surgeons skill, or the hands of a believer.  Today, I go back to preach at my second full-time pastorate in Rogers, Arkansas.
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