Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today, things were back to normal.  All we had to do was drive an hour north of here to get the security guard's flashlight fixed, work on getting John a driver's license for his motorbike (this is a several day, many trips process), drop off the empty propane tank and pick up a full one (two months ago the price was $30, now it's $45), get the front wheels aligned again (every off road trip--especially if there are NO roads--knocks them out of kilter), stock up on food we can only get in Musoma (bacon, cheese, cashews, frozen meat), and stop by to see some missionary friends only to find that they had moved to Kenya a month ago.  Most of the missionaries who leave are not replaced.  Our numbers have dropped from over forty to less than twenty in three years.  Even the Peace Corps no longer sends teachers here.  This just increases our responsibility and presence, but the needs here only increase.  We are going back to the US for the first time in over three years for a visit with family, friends, and churches that support us, but we are a little worried that we are neglecting our responsibilities here and being a little selfish.  Truth be told, though, the mission field is in both countries and our responsibilities are to both.  
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