Monday, September 15, 2008

Today, Mr. Masele brought us our signed and stamped copies of the contract for the library.  Karen was all smiles all day.  Karen also took Salome's daughter Janeth out to her boarding school and got her settled in.  I bought two and half bags of cement for the floor at the Karekukare church to go with the three the church raised.  That should be enough to do it.  The doctor stopped by today to check on Karen and had to leave quickly because of a cholera outbreak about fifteen miles from here up our road toward Ikizu.  There have been eight deaths so far, but all are preventable with sanitation and hygiene workshops and water filters.  The diarrhea from cholera can kill in a matter of hours unless rehydration is done.  We have no way of knowing how many lives have been saved because of the workshops we've led and started and the biosand filters we've placed, but just one life would make it all worthwhile.
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