Sunday, September 14, 2008

Big meeting at the Bunda church today.  Karen asked the band that played at the library dedication to come, but they demanded more money than we had, so no band.  The evangelist from Tireme came to get 26 mosquito nets for the recent graduates of her sanitation and hygiene seminar at the Salvation Army Church. We will never know, but we believe that we save at least one life with every net we give.   Sent out more Bibles to new Methodist churches--it's hard to have a Bible study with no Bibles.  The meeting after church which involved folks from all over, voted to begin the process of making the Tanzania Methodist churches autonomous from Kenya and to have their own bishop.  Since Kenya no longer sends any financial or other support to help Tanzania, and, in fact, asks Tanzania to help with construction projects in Kenya, this seems like a wise move.  Once the churches here realize they have to make it on their own, I think we will see some good changes.  
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