Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a happy day!  We presented the Bunda Teachers College with a check for 3,000,000 Tsh (about $ 3,000 USD) to pay for fifteen scholarships for this year.  We have graduated seven already and now will be able to graduate eight new Christian teachers every year to help replace the 1,500 who die annually of AIDS.  Karen also presented some science textbooks that contain transparencies the college can show on their overhead projector.  The Principal (we'd call him President or Dean) and his new assistant were very, very excited.  Somehow, in the midst of all these good feelings, I ended up agreeing to teach a course in Basic English Writing Skills one day a week for the next year.  It is a Muslim belief that if God has given you a gift, it is a sin not to use it for the benefit of others, so at least I can subtract one sin from my list.  I did teach virtually the same thing at a community college in Northwest Arkansas (NWACC) before we moved to Tanzania, and I still have my teacher's manuals (with NWACC's permission, of course).  It should be fun to teach again.  John took the photos.
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