Monday, August 18, 2008

What a difference a day makes.  In just 24 hours, all of Karen's worries and anxieties about the library are gone.  The Member of Parliament from Bunda (and a Cabinet Minister) made one phone call and everything changed.  The contract will be signed tomorrow and all the big shots from the government will be here for a celebration tomorrow.  Stephen Wasiri, our member of parliament, said that from now on the parliament itself is behind the library here and when he returns from Dar Es Salaam in a month, he expects to see the library open.  Mama Africa is very happy to say the least, although there are still thousands of books to process.  Me, my fever finally broke, I talked with the Superintendent Minister of Tanzania, assisted one of our pastors, and spoke to the German missionaries in Gaeta who want to start a water filter project there.  We are happy and hard at work once more (well, Karen and John hadn't stopped working, just me and I'm not really "hard" at work ever).  Prayer is powerful.
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