Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tried to do too much getting ready for the dignitaries and had to go back to bed till they were getting ready to leave.  They had a wonderful lunch and a tour of the place.  Two of the men want to meet and talk to Jerry Buckingham about pumps, one wants me to teach English in adult education, and the District Commissioner just wants to come here to stay the night every now and then to get away from the phone and life in general.  Of course, we invited all of them to come and stay, but I think she will.  One of the men wants me to come to his house and meet his children.  Well, we are becoming more and more a part of the life of Bunda, but I think that's what God wanted all along.  Oh, I have been invited to carry the "Torch of  Education" when it comes to Bunda on September 9th.  It is apparently a big deal, and I will be delighted to do it as long as I don't have to run.
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