Sunday, August 10, 2008

Today was a rather special day.  We had the first church service ever at the village of Kabainja.  They hung some tarps from sisal poles and used the shade of one of the few trees in the area and made a church.  We had no roads to guide us but used a GPS my son gave me to find our way.  It's only about 30 miles from where we live--a bad road for the first 20 miles and then no road for the last 10 miles, so it took us a good two hours to get there.  I baptized 72 people, adults and children which is a new record for me.  The oldest man there got up at the end of the service and told everyone they would have need to start making bricks for a church building now.  It was a wonderful time, very inspirational and moving.  Some of the children would look up and me and smile while I was baptizing them like I was giving them the best present they could ever get and maybe it was.  We sang, prayed, I preached about not hearing God's word only, but doing it--from Matthew 7:24, or thereabout.  It took a lot out of me after my last bout with malaria, but I can rest for the next few days.  I wouldn't have missed this day for the world.  Karen said something really special happened today and John agreed.  HIs pictures are at left.
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