Monday, August 11, 2008

Today, I recuperated while Karen worked on processing books for the library.  She has processed over 2,000 with thousands yet to go.  Two of the workers from her school are helping her.  John repaired a broken water pipe in the kitchen, I had a Swahili lesson, and we had to have a discussion with our neighbors about their brick-making being too close to our fence.  Other than that, I was a little depressed.  It comes with fatigue and with knowing you can't live on the mountaintop, you have to come back to the valley.
We really need to do a sanitation and hygiene workshop in Kabainja.  Yesterday, we could see flies on the faces of the children, and they didn't know to brush them off.  We have seen this other places, but after the workshop, the mothers do a very good job of teaching their kids about the health dangers from flies.  Maybe we will wait for Amy to come from the U.S. or maybe we will do it before October.  God will guide us.  
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