Friday, August 29, 2008

Quite a big day today, although none of us expected it.  We were still eating breakfast when Paul announced that there were government people here.  Karen hastily dressed and went out to meet the Director of Community Development and the Director of Conservation.  They wanted to see all that we were doing (had been sent by the District Commissioner) and were very impressed.  They are coming back on Monday with newspaper and TV reporters to meet with the church ladies who sell our bio-sand water filters.  They were also very interested in the solar cookers and wanted us to go visit the jail where they are using cookers powered by cow poop to see if we could make those here, too.  While the government folks were still here, the new Bunda Circuit pastor came to get some Bibles, some money for fuel for his motorbike, and to plan a training event.  While he was still here, our old friend Mr. Patrobo (he's eighty-one years old and stands about four feet high) came by.  He has been very ill for many months, but wanted to buy a filter for his house and to sing with Karen.  Shaban was busy building two filters for a church in Musoma, so we just added one more to his list.  Other than that, it was just another average day.
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