Saturday, August 9, 2008

Feeling much, much better today.  Got to watch the Olympics last night.  A word about our tv service.  We have a kind of cable that cost $4 a month and gives us ten channels that change at random.  Usually there are movies in Hindi, sports in Arabic, Disney in French (from the Congo), and sometimes HBO out of Pakistan.  We do get Al Jazeera in English and BBC World.  One day we got one channel that showed nothing but Mel Gibson movies non-stop.  The next day, the same channel was broadcasting Tanzanian choirs singing religious songs in Swahili, so we were pleased to find the Olympics with English commentary.  Tomorrow, we go to a new church in the village of Kabainja where I will baptize about forty people, adults and children.  They have no building, but meet in the open.  This is called "praying under a tree" here.
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