Friday, August 8, 2008

Another dull day for me, as I am in the third day of malaria symptoms.  The thing about malaria is that the symptoms come and go over a three-day period, so you get these little rest periods--like the eye of a hurricane.  It's not a dull day for Karen and John, though.  Today is graduation day at Karen's school with, cake, diplomas, and John taking pictures and movies.  For some reason, Karen and John never get malaria.  Karen had it once right after we moved here, but nothing since then, and, in three years, John has never gotten it.  Karen doesn't even take anti-malarial medication, but John and I do.  I guess if I didn't it would have killed me by now, but all I get are mild cases.  Mind you, a mild case of malaria is a little like surviving a gun battle with only three or four bullets in you.  You survive, but there are times when you wonder if you really want to.  I'll post pictures of the graduation tomorrow.
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